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My vision is simple. As I came to this idea in 2016 I wanted to create a public event which would connect inventors, and public members such as their friends and family to understand inventors better and to support them in early stage. Probably the hardest thing for the inventor is to overcome the obstacle that others could also believe in what you trying to do is possible! Therefore it is very important to give that support in early stage and to help inventor with whatever is missing in the puzzle. My concept is really simple as the creation as such is a basic thing which starts just from the idea in your mind. 

Inventors' Night is a franchise which has a certain plan for the event. This format should be identical around the World to make it truly a global event so that every town could hold their very own Inventors' NIght.  If you find this event beneficial then I would be very grateful for your kind donation to keep me going as I got to take it to many more towns around the world. My franchise is free but will be granted to appointed holders only who will be listed at my homepage for approval. If you think you could run Inventors Night at your town please let me know.

As people travel and change their place for living this could be something familiar all over the World.  That way we can encourage communities to be more inventive and entrepreneurial which in total makes the World a better place to live  for all of us  :) 

The plan of the night : 


 1. Introduction by the host

 2. What is an invention? Who is inventor and how to become one?

 3. The guest of the night - A real inventor with a working prototype or product.

 4. Questions & Remarks

 5. Networking

  * Time wise, the Inventors' Night could be held once month, Wednesday or Thursday night at 6 or 7pm.  It is about 1hr  and 30 mins event but networking can continue longer as the night is recommended to be held in a public       place where is free parking. In that way anyone could join in free of charge.