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Previous events :  

The very first Inventors' Night took place at Brixham Sea Works in England on the 5th December 2016. The event was attended by 7 people. Our special guest speaker was inventor James Doddrell from ARC Marine. 

Our Second night was at Belgrave Sands Hotel & Spa on 23rd Feb 2017 where we had 4 people attending only.  

The 3rd event was held at Tehnopol Tallinn, Estonia where we had 15 people attending and 2 inventors telling their stories. Raoul Renser from  Meiren Engineering  told us about Meiren Snow blows and the best known private inventor in Estonia Hando Kruuv told his fascinating life story. 

The 4th event took place also at Tehnopol Tallinn where the our guest speaker  Raivo P  made us a very interesting workshop about plasma technologies.

The 5th Inventors' Night was held at Belgrave Sands Hotel & Spa on 14th Dec. 2017. Our special guest inventor was  Jason Munro who told us about his Hydrogen cell and Carbon cleaning machines. 

* The next 3 Inventors' Nights have taken place in Tallinn. Event no 9 was held in Torquay, UK and  Inventors' Night no 10 took place again at  the club  Heldeke  in Tallinn on Wednesday, 28 August 2019 at 7.00pm. The plan of the night was next :  First we had a few drinks and went to  sauna. Then about  9pm we gathered for  1 hour stage time. Our special guests included 5 local inventors + surprise guest from Finland :)  The theme of the night was new inventions and  upcoming  Estonian Invention Show 2019.  Event was supported by the  Estonian Inventors Association and Invention News .